About the Course

This course is meant for anyone who's returning to long-reining or anyone who's contemplating beginning.

Join Dr. Maria as she seeks to intrigue, inspire, and guide you with the do's and don'ts of long-reining. 

Learning this classic technique of long-reining Dr Maria style will have many benefits for both you and your horse.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome and Instructions
  • 2
    • Course Introduction
  • 3
    Introduction to Long-Reining
    • Long-Reining Principles
    • Prerequisites for Success
    • A View of Long-Reining
    • A Tool for Evaluation
    • Caveats to Consider
    • Discussion on Bad Practices
    • Conclusion: Best Practices with Student


  • Dr. Maria Katsamanis

    Dr. Maria Katsamanis

    Dr. Maria Katsamanis has received worldwide recognition as a horse trainer, exhibition rider and author. It is in her book, “The Alchemy of Lightness” that the concept of molecular equitation is first introduced to the equestrian community. Dr. Maria offers a unique approach to horsemanship that merges the classics with new science. With a formal education as a clinical scientist she is able to help demystify and explain elements where magic seemingly occurs, that are key in helping us establish and maintain the ultimate connection with our horses. Her explanations of the barriers and myths that block the path between horse and rider frees them making the dance accessible to anyone regardless of age or breed. To learn more about Dr. Maria visit, www.horseswithdrmaria.com